Scener for Chrome – FAQ, Help and Support

Friday, March 27, 8.21pm: We’re experiencing a surge in demand and some of our services on Scener for Chrome may be slow or intermittent. We’re working to increase capacity.

Scener allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies in real-time with anyone, anytime, anywhere. However, since you’ve come to this page, we suspect you’re having some trouble and have created a list of common solutions to help.

Please note that for Scener to work you must have a Netflix subscription, use the primary viewer profile of your Netflix account, and be located in the United States.

The first thing you should try whenever you encounter an issue is reloading your browser. We’ve found that ctrl +shift + R on PC (or command + shift + R on Mac) often does the trick.

Next, clear your cache. Go to Netflix (with Scener enabled), and press control-shift-delete on PC or command-shift-delete on Mac. You can clear your cache from here. We recommend clearing from ‘all time’ in the time range dropdown.

Here are some known issues and Frequently Asked Questions:

I got a sad face 'redirected too many times' error trying to log in to Netflix.

This appears to happen when users with a non-US English version of Netflix try to log in. This might be because you’re using the extension in a country other than the US or something else. But, the first thing to do is clear your Netflix cache. To do this, go to Netflix and press command-shift-delete for Macs OR control-shift-delete for Windows. Then, download a VPN to access the US to log in to Netflix – services like Tunnelbear work well. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at

I can only watch Netflix with the primary user profile on Scener. When I try to switch profiles, it doesn't work.

We are so sorry this is happening to you! Right now, Scener is only compatible with the primary profile on a Netflix account. We’re aware that this is frustrating for some users, but using the non-primary user is currently not compatible with Scener. This doesn’t prevent you from watching anything in the Netflix library with others, though!

The video isn’t loading! Help!

Sometimes websites store a lot of unnecessary data and it can slow down webpages. Let’s clear your Chrome browser cache.

  1. In Chrome, you can click the vertical ellipses, and click on settings. Alternatively, type this into your browser: chrome://settings2a
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on Advanced.2b
  3. This will give you more settings to explore, so under the Privacy and security tab, click on clear browser data. Alternatively, you can go to: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData2c
  4. From here, you can select Cached images and files (see image below) and Cookies and other site data. However, first try clearing your Cache alone, then if it doesn’t solve the issue, Cookies can be deleted too, but please note that clearing Cookies will sign you out of many websites, so you might want to change the time range to last 7 days if you are concerned about this.2d

My audio or video isn't working

Did you accidentally deny Scener access to audio or video? Is your audio or video not working or showing up? It happens. Try these steps below to allow for audio and video permissions.

  1. For Macs, click Chrome from the navigation bar at the top of your screen, and select Preferences. For Windows, type this into your search bar: chrome://settings1a
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click Advanced.1b
  3. Under Privacy and Security, click on Site Settings.1c
  4. Under Permissions, click on Camera (if issues with video) or click on Microphone (if issues with audio).1d1e
  5. Make sure the audio/video source you want is selected.1f1g
  6. If you denied permissions for Google Chrome to access Scener, press the trash can icon under the Block tab and delete it from your blocked sites.
  7. Reload page, and accept permissions this time.1h1i

I can't log in to Netflix when I have Scener installed. It keeps looping me back to the Netflix log in page!

We are so sorry this is happening to you! First, clear your cache. To do this, go to Netflix and press command-shift-delete for Macs OR control-shift-delete for Windows. Select the time range to be from ‘all time.’
Next, in a new tab, go to chrome://settings/content/cookies and make sure that “Block third party cookies” is not toggled (so, this means that the circle should be on the left side and the switch is grey instead of blue).

I can't find / add my friends on Scener

There are three ways to add a friend.

  1. First, you can search their username in the search bar at the top of the sidebar and press the “add friend” button, which should then turn grey and say “pending.” If it doesn’t change right away, be sure to refresh the page. Sometimes it doesn’t update right away.
  2. The next way to add a friend is through creating a private group. When creating a group, you can share a link to the group and invite friends via this link. Please note that you must be friends first before they can join your group.
  3. Lastly, you can also add a friend by sending a link to your profile, to which they can add you. Alternatively, they can also search your username to find you and add you.
  1. If your friend has sent you a request but you have not gotten a notification about it and it doesn’t appear on your sidebar right away, clear your cache and reload the site. The friend request should appear at the top of your sidebar.

I can't login to Scener with my username/password credentials.

Oh no! Being locked out of your account is no fun. If it says that either your username or password is incorrect, but you’ve checked and everything seems correct, then try using the Facebook sign in option. Using a social login is great because it’s less passwords to remember. Alternatively, you can also click reset password and follow the steps there!

What are the software requirements?
All you need to get started is a Netflix subscription and the Google Chrome web browser.

What equipment do I need?
To watch with friends on Scener, you’ll need a laptop and headphones. We recommend you use headphones if others are around and you’re trying to be a good roommate. Or if you don’t want an echo. echo. echo.

How many people can I have in a Scene?
Groups that you create can have up to 10 users concurrently watching.

Who controls a Scene?
The person who starts the Scene gets a golden remote and can control the content being played. Having the remote allows them to set and pause the content in the Scene. However, they can pass the remote around and let others take control of the scene.

I have to go to the bathroom! Can I pause the movie for everyone?
The first person to enter a Scene is the Scene leader (as identified by the ‘golden remote’ icon under their video circle). In order to provide the smoothest, most harmonious sync experience, only the Scene leader can control pause/play functions. The Scene leader can pass the remote to whomever they want, by hovering over a friend’s video circle, and choosing the option to pass the remote. But back to your question – hold it in. Or ask the Scene leader to pause it.

Something seems out-of-sync, what do I do?
The browser refresh button is your best friend. Click it, and see if that does the trick. Still not working? Email us at

Can I block someone?
Yes! Select the person’s profile and then the menu option or ‘three dots’, then select the option to block the person. You can unblock the person again by going to your profile and then selecting blocked users.

Wait, I have a question that you didn’t answer yet!
Shoot us an e-mail at, and we’ll get you sorted.

If you’re experiencing an issue while using Scener, check out our Troubleshooting FAQ for potential solutions.

Because Scener is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends, we’re continually looking for ways to improve and would love your feedback. If you have any questions, or just want to say “hello,” send us an email at