Welcome to the new Virtual Movie Theater

From day one, our mission here at Scener has been to bring people together over the shows and movies they love.

Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to stay connected. Because of that, we’ve had a huge increase in users who are interested in what Scener has to offer. All of those new eyes have given us tons of valuable feedback on making Scener smoother, more accessible, and more fun. Consider yourselves heard.

Introducing the all-new
Virtual Movie Theater

The new and improved Scener Virtual Movie Theater is not just an upgrade. It’s a next-level movie night experience. It’s not just a Netflix party. It’s a movie theater living inside of your laptop. So grab your popcorn, and let’s dive into what sets Scener – Virtual Movie Theater apart.

Massive Sync and Stability Upgrades

Faster sync and improved stability make this the smoothest, most reliable iteration of Scener yet. That means that you can enjoy watching shows and movies with your friends without interruption. Whether you’re looking to catch a quick episode together, or buckling in for a marathon binge session, Scener Virtual Movie Theater ensures that you don’t miss a thing. No hassle, no stress, just shows and movies together.

Easy-to-Share Theater Codes

Every time you kick off a private theater, you’re given a unique 6-digit Theater Code. Send your code to friends to invite them. They’ll be able to punch in your code as soon as they open Scener Virtual Movie Theater, and join you immediately. If links are more your speed, you’ll also be provided with a link to your private theater. Share it with friends, and they’ll jump straight into your theater as soon as they click it. Getting movie night started has never been easier.

Support for Global Users

We’ve gone worldwide! Scener Virtual Movie Theater makes it possible for people outside of the US to watch shows and movies together. Our vision has always been bigger than a single country. We want people from all over the world to be able to watch their favorite shows with their favorite people. So go ahead and invite that friend overseas to watch with you. One person’s movie night is another person’s movie morning 😉

New Non-Intrusive Layout

Our new video squares put you and your friends inside of the Scener sidebar, and out of the way of what you’re watching. No more minimizing your video circles to try to get a full view of the movie. Your friends are now neatly nestled into video squares to the side, so you can see both them and the movie better than ever. This change also helps us keep things stable and smooth – something so many of you have asked for.

Watch From Any Netflix Profile

The old Scener only let you watch together while using the primary profile of your Netflix account. Scener Virtual Movie Theater fixes that problem, so you can watch together from any Netflix profile. That means you’re good to go for movie night whether you’re Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, or Doggo.

Out of Your Way

Every now and then, you just want to watch something alone. In those moments, hopping onto Netflix and having Scener pop up automatically can be annoying. We’ve rebuilt our interface to always be there for you when you need us, but out of your way when you just want to watch something alone. Whenever you’re ready to get movie night started again, simply click the Scener Virtual Movie Theater icon at the top of your Chrome toolbar, and you’re ready to go.

More Streaming Platforms (soon)

One of the most exciting things about the new product we’ve created is the opportunity that it creates to use more of your favorite streaming platforms beyond Netflix. While it wasn’t feasible with the old extension, Scener Virtual Movie Theater makes it possible to bring your favorite shows and movies from other streaming platforms into the fold. Movie night is about to get real!

We are incredibly excited for the amazing possibilities that we are able to bring to life with Scener Virtual Movie Theater. We also know that change can be scary. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, first of all, thank you! We understand it may be a bit strange for you to open Scener and see something completely new. We hope you’ll dive in, and find (as we have) that Scener Virtual Movie Theater stays true to all of the best things about Scener, while offering new, exciting tools to make your virtual movie nights amazing.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of Scener Virtual Movie Theater. This whole product was created with your feedback in mind, so always know that we hear you. Scener is as much yours as it is ours. Give it a try, and e-mail us at hello@scener.com to let us know what you think, or just to say “hi”.

Long live movie night.