Are Soulmates Real?

What about Streaming Soulmates?

Whoever said opposites attract must have their pants on fire. Ouch. If you are questioning whether you have met your soulmate, make sure you love the same things, especially Netflix content. Streaming Soulmate equals happiness for life.

Download the Scener app to see if you’re true soulmates, or might I say, Streaming Soulmates. If you and your partner have a high compatibility score, you’ll make it onto the leaderboard and everyone can see how cool you are. If you’re single, add a bunch of people near you to see who you rank up with.

I’ve created a list of questions you might have and some totally reasonable, legitimate answers to the questions.

Can soulmates be platonic?

Soulmates can have romantic or platonic undertones to their relationship. After some research (see process), I stumbled upon a Refinery29 article that said that a soulmate is determined by a connection of minds and a total understanding between each other. Use Scener to decide if you have “connection of minds” by seeing how you rank on the leaderboards. A total understanding of each other, if you will.

So, is a Streaming Soulmate real?

Well, psht, obviously! Streaming Soulmates are determined by how much you have in common. By finding your match, you can find things to watch together to ensure that you never get bored of each other. Netflix series are a great way of figuring out if you actually like someone or if they’re just there because someone shoved them your way (*cough cough* Netflix Originals).

Listen, I can’t tell you if and when you are going to find the love of your life.

According to a soulmate personality quiz, I was reassured that my soulmate would be friendly, inquisitive, and attentive, often asking questions about things they don’t understand. Essentially, this test described the Cookie Monster. The results told me that the strength in our relationship is based on what we both love, cookies.

Using Scener, we give you the foreground on something we know you both love (Netflix), then let you choose what series you love and match you with others who love the same thing. Thus, you are one step closer to finding your soulmate. You’re welcome.

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