Become a Scener Ambassador

If you are a passionate Tik Tok and/or Instagram creator interested in growing with us, we’d love for you to become an Official Scener Ambassador.

Over the past few weeks, Scener has grown at an incredible pace. But we’re only just beginning.

We are launching a new feature that allows you (plus friends) to host public Live Streams while you watch with Scener.

We are giving Scener Ambassadors exclusive access to this feature. Standard Scener users will be able to watch Live Streams, and leave real-time comments in the chat section of your stream, but only Scener Ambassadors (and the guests they choose to host with) will be able to be Live Stream hosts.

In addition to Scener being the best tool for privately watching Netflix with remote friends, you’ll be able to use this new feature to reach new people, and build a following. We are so excited about the unique chance for you to become one of the first popular streamers on Scener.

What do Scener Ambassadors get? 

  • Exclusive access to hosting public Live Streams on Scener
  • An Official Verified badge next to your username in the Scener app
  • A shout-out from Scener on social media
  • Free exclusive Scener merch

How do I become a Scener Ambassador?

  • Fill out the brief Scener Ambassador application by clicking the button below
  • Show us how you use Scener by posting on TikTok or Instagram (include the hashtag #MovieNightMoves)

We couldn’t be more excited about where Scener is headed, and are looking forward to having you be a part of it. Let’s make movie night better, together!

Meet Scener’s featured Ambassador: @harasattack