Group Chat with Scener


Everyone with a Netflix subscription knows the drill when it comes to picking a new show to watch. You scroll through the new release, trending, and recommended sections, and still end up watching Friends from beginning to end.

But what if you want to watch Friends with your friends? Welcome to Scener!

With Scener, you can jump into a group chat with your friends, and decide what to watch together. Use our text chat to talk about what to watch next. Once you agree on something, jump into a Scene together to video chat while you watch, or if you don’t feel like being that social, just keep hanging out in your group text thread, and watch together from there.

There are so many ways to co-watch with Scener, so download our FREE Chrome extension, and let the fun begin!

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Video Chat with Scener


Scener lets you keep movie night going – no matter where you are. For years, people have been trying to find ways to co-watch shows and movies on Netflix when they aren’t together. With Scener, you can watch together from anywhere in the world without the hassle.

Watch while video chatting with that special someone, or link up with a big group of friends for a watch party. Watch your favorite episodes of ‘The Office’ together, and try to beat Michael Scott to the punch-line of every ‘That’s what she said!’ joke.

Great shows and movies bring people together, and coming together over Netflix has never been easier. Scener makes watching together more convenient and fun than ever before. To get started, download our FREE Chrome Extension!

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Sync with Scener


Watching shows with friends is better than watching shows alone. It’s a fact – 9 out of 10 dentists agree*. But coordinating time to get together to watch shows can be tough. Conflicting schedules and distance always seem to get in the way.

That’s where we come in. Scener lets you sync Netflix with friends, so you don’t have to be in the same room to watch your shows together. When you join a friend’s scene, you will automatically be synced up to their Netflix timeline, so you can watch exactly what they’re watching – seamlessly matched to the second.

The days of getting impatient, watching ahead without your friend, and experiencing the sheer guilt of binge betrayal are finally behind you. With Scener‘s sync feature, you can watch together, wherever. To get started, download our FREE Chrome Extension!

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*: This is total speculation. We didn’t interview any dentists in our research, but we believe with full conviction that all but the most heartless dentists would agree.