Can’t Decide What to Watch with Your BFF?

Like, are they really your Streaming Soulmate?

We’ve all been there. Your BFF knows everything about you, and you them, but for some reason, you both can’t decide what to watch. It has gotten so bad that maybe you are questioning this friendship. But, finally, there’s a solution in the form of an app that can solve all your problems.* Introducing…..Scener!

Swipe on shows you like and want to add to your watchlist and share your profile with your friends via Snapchat. Once your friends swipe their preferences, get a recommendation list of shows you both are guaranteed to love.

Find out what your friends are watching and what’s on their list. Message them in-app or add them on Snap or Instagram to talk about that riveting scene in your favorite show.

Is your BFF is your Streaming Soulmate? If they’re not, no worries! Find new people near you that you are Netflix compatible with, you might make another BFF along the way. If you need help finding a new best friend, we have your back!

Now, you and your BFF don’t have to spend so much time deciding what to watch. Scener gives you a rating on how similar you and your BFFs Netflix watching habits are, and lets you know what to watch together for maximum giggles. Essentially, we’re making your friendship even stronger.

*Problems here are in reference to general indecisiveness on whether to keep someone as a friend based on whether you are Netflix compatible. We are not guaranteeing we can spare you from the crippling debt you might be facing in young adulthood.

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:: Download Scener on the App Store. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at 🙂