How to Ace a First Date: Find out If You Are Streaming Soulmates

Dating apps in 2019 are essentially games. You swipe on people presented in a deck of cards, not knowing anything substantial about them. Once you match with people, there’s a sudden obligation to message them. Then you are playing guessing game on what you have in common and seeing if they catch the bait with a witty pick up line. Go fish.

Hear me out, being 20-something and actively watching too many TV series and movies, the easiest source of fluid conversation is Netflix. On the other hand, finding a show in common to talk about can be difficult.

Download the Scener app to send a cheeky message to your date before going out and see a list of content you have in common. Message them in-app, add them on Snap or instagram, and stalk their watchlists to see if they’re worth your time.

Dating Pro-Tip: Don’t fall asleep on your date. 🙃

Say goodbye to first date awkwardness by having a set of things you already have in common and see how this potential relationship will rank up based on how high your compatibility score is. Maybe they are your Streaming Soulmate.

At this point, this might sound like an ad for you to use the Scener app, and I can guarantee you it is, but finding things in common can be hard, especially with strangers.

First date awkwardness totally avoidable. Use Scener instead to figure out if you’re soulmates or better off as friends.

Don’t let that first date be your last.

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