Guide to Finding Your Streaming Soulmate

Real friends are those who you can comfortably do nothing with. When it comes down to it, any group of people can have fun on outings such as going to amusement parks or mini-golf courses, but real friends are those who can comfortably laze and watch Netflix with you. As someone who is lucky to experience this, I’ve created some steps such that you can meet these people too, if you don’t already have them in your life.

1. Find someone that looks like they could be your friend.

Smile at someone in public that looks cool. Some people might give some awkward pursed smiles (see image), but some are genuine. If they smile back, they might be cool. Definitely have some cool potential. When in doubt, awkwardly smile.

Note: If you already have friends, this is step can be skipped.

2. Netflix is crucial.

Make sure they have access to a Netflix account. If not, you have two options: ditch them here or offer them your Netflix account in a sympathetic offer to give them a basic necessity of life.

3. Install the Scener app.

So far, you’ve found someone who has potential to be cool and you both watch Netflix. Score! Now, you have to decide what to watch. Since friendships are based on things you both love, use Scener to figure out what TV and movie series you have in common.

4. Swipe to get recommendations.

In Scener, swipe on shows and movies to unlock a set of recommendations customized for you and your friends that you all are guaranteed to love.

5. Share your results with your new friends.

Once you have rated a bunch of Netflix series, share your results on Snapchat, showing off your Streaming Soulmate score to everyone! Find out if you’re soulmates or better off as friends.

Decide if these people in your life are really worth your time (even if you’re just watching TV together, we don’t judge) and if they are, now you have a million things to watch with them!* Find out what you love with who you love.

*Clarification: Maybe not a million because Netflix does not have a million shows/movies, but we’re emphasizing that there are plenty of options to choose from that you will all love.

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