How Ted Bundy Led Me to My BFF

Netflix Series, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, talks about one of America’s most notorious serial killers.

Am I weird for watching the entire Ted Bundy murder documentary series all in one sitting? I thought I was. That is, until I found Scener.

Scener helps you find people who you share the most compatible taste with in TV shows and movies. At my school, I noticed my friend, Ari, and I had a whopping 98% compatibility score on the Scener leaderboard so I asked her what her favorite show was. Now I have someone to send all my Ted Bundy memes too shamelessly…

You too deserve to find your binge buddy, your fellow movie connoisseur, your Streaming Soulmate.

Here’s how:  

  1. Download the Scener app.
  2. Start swiping on shows and movies! Let the app know what you love, hate, and even add some shows to your watch list.
  3. Get your Streaming Soulmate score with your friends and people near you. It’ll help you discover how “Netflix compatible” you really are with your squad.

If you’re a professional social media lurker like me, you know the importance of little tidbits of information. Jensen scored only 10% with his girlfriend Tiffany? Shocking.

That’s why Scener has the Streaming Soulmate leaderboard that lets you see how other people at your school or in your area score with each other.

Can you and your Streaming Soulmate place among the top scores? Find out with Scener.

Read our post on how to decide what to watch with your BFF. We’ve all been there, it can be a major struggle, but we’re here to help!

:: Download Scener on the App Store. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at 🙂