How to Use Scener

Hello! So you’ve come upon our app and want to know more, huh? Well, thanks for getting pumped about Scener! We hope you love it as much as we do. If you have questions at any point, email us at

So, what is Scener? Scener is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to sync your Netflix content with your friends! With Scener, head into a group chat with your friends and use the text chat to decide what to watch together. Once you agree on something, jump into a Scene to video chat while you watch. If you don’t feel like being that social, just hang out in your group text thread, and watch together from there.

To get the entire experience of Scener, we’ve created a Scener 101 guide. Feel free to skip to any part that’s relevant to you.

Getting Started with Scener

Go to, explore the page, and decide if this is something you want (of course you do! it’s so cool!). Click on the golden Add Scener button.

This will take you to the Google Chrome Web Store from which you will be able to add Scener to Chrome to get started.

Once you’re in the Web Store, click the blue Add to Chrome button in the upper right-hand corner.

You will then be prompted to add the Scener extension to your browser.

Next, you will be redirected to our website where you can create a new account. Enter in your email, a username you can remember, and a super-secret password.

Following your account creation, you will be prompted to add a profile photo.

You will be able to change this profile photo at any point after this, so it’s not too important to choose a really awesome picture at this stage.

Now, you will be redirected to Netflix featuring your new, super cool Scener extension!

Everything Scener related will now be in the sidebar, and no need to go back to our website (unless you need dire help with something! If so, we have our FAQ and Blog on our website that might help or you can email us at

Before we start adding friends, let’s first go through your Scener settings and explain what and where things are.

Profile Settings Menu

Click on the image of your profile picture in the upper right-hand part of your browser.

At the top of the menu, you will see your username listed. This is particularly helpful in case you want to tell your friends what your username is and you completely forgot (it happens)!

Invisible Mode

In the first tab in the menu, we have an invisible mode feature.

The text next to the switch will either display Visible or Invisible. If the switch is toggled where it says Visible next to it, it will display that you are online to your friends. Your pals can now see that you’re online and what you are watching. If the switch is toggled where it says Invisible (see picture below), then you have a magic invisible cloak on and no one can see that you are online and what you are watching at that moment. So sneaky of you!

Edit Profile

Next, we have the Edit Profile option. Here you can change your username (in case the first one was really lame and not actually super cool), put a biography in, and add your social media handles.

Rep your brand!

The Edit Profile tab is also where you can change your password. Also, this is where you can unblock users (or see everyone you have blocked thus far). Magical, right?

Now, let’s get back to other features in the drop-down menu.

Help, About, Terms & Privacy

Our Help page will redirect you to our FAQ if you have any questions on what something means while using Scener.

Next, if you click About, you can learn a little more about us and why we created Scener. 🙂

Finally, you can see our Terms & Privacy. I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to read this, but it’s here if you do.

But, what fun is it to watch alone? Invite your friends!

Adding Friends

On the Scener sidebar, click the add friends tab.

Alternatively, you can go into the search tab where it says search people…

Now, you can search for your friend’s username (remember, it’s not the first name or last name they put in, it’s the username. I’ve gotten a lot of emails about people trying to search by a person’s full name. Wow, like this isn’t Facebook).

Press the add button to send them a friend request.

If you do search for a person through the search bar and have sent a friend request, press the cancel button to get back to the sidebar.

Also, you could send your friend a link (press that copy button!!) and have them add you that way. Wow, so many ways to add friends.

Let’s say you’re on the other side and are receiving a friend request. Press the Accept button to accept the request. If you’re being cheeky, you could press ignore, and have your friend send it again (you can ignore it as many times as you want until you feel like accepting their request).

Either way, once the request is accepted, your friends will pop up on your sidebar as either online or offline. If they say that they are online, but their status says offline, they might be in invisible mode. What are they even watching? Sketchy.

Friends Are Offline

Did your friends tell you they are online, but they’re not displayed as online? Super suspicious. Don’t forget to check if invisible mode is turned off for both of you.

Woah, I have a friend online! I can watch a Scene with them. SCORE!
I don’t have any friends online. How sad. I can’t start a Scene with anyone. Double sad.

Want to see what your friend is watching? If they’re online, it will display if they are on the Browse page of Netflix or it will show what they’re watching. Down to the season and episode. Ha, sucker. I see how behind you are on Game of Thrones.

The sidebar is not only for checking what your friends are watching, but also is a place where you can click on their profile to start a chat with your pals.


Once you click on a friend’s profile, you will be taken into a private chat between you and your friend.

Click on the smiley face in the say something.. box to send emojis and GIFs in your chat.

Press the enter/return key on your keyboard to send your message.

You can click between the emojis and GIFs tabs and search for what you might want to use. Click on a GIF to send it in the chat.

Click on an emoji to place it in your chat box before sending it to your pals.

To hide this window, click on the smiley face again.

Friend Profiles

Next, if you want to know a little more about your friend (remember that information you put in your Edit profile), click on the Profile tab and to see what your friends put on their profile. Also, you can totally stalk who their other friends are too.

Look how cool this profile is. That friend list though- the last one is totally real and not Photoshop.

Finally, you also have the option to see what your friends have been watching recently. Click on the watched tab!

True friends don’t judge what the other watches.

Unfriend and Block

For any reason, if you want to unfriend someone, click on their profile, then click on the three dots by their name. This will present you with two options: one to unfriend them, the other to block them.

If you would like to block a user, click the three dots by their name and click block.

If you would like to unblock a user, you have to click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner, select Edit Profile, and scroll to the bottom to click View Blocked Users. Once you click on this, you can see all the users you blocked and can unblock them from here.

If you unblock them and want to be friends with them again, you have to resend them a friend request.

Minimize the Scener Sidebar

If you are watching Netflix and don’t want the Scener sidebar open, click on the purple tab with the Scener icon on the edge of the sidebar.

Clicking on the purple tab will shrink the sidebar so you can use Netflix without the sidebar hindering your view. Not sure why you wouldn’t use Scener though, just text chat with your friends while watching tv without video chatting.

If at any point you reload the Netflix page, the sidebar will not automatically open. But, it will be there for you next time you want to watch with your friends, just click the tab to expand the sidebar.

To expand the sidebar, click on the tab again and it will open. Magic!

Watching a Scene

A Scene is where two or more people can watch the same Netflix content together, and connect via text chat, audio, and/or video.
The term Scene is within the name Scener. Watch scenes together. Scener.

To start a Scene, create a private group between you and your friends!

Creating a Group

Now, for the cool stuff, let’s create a group!

First, let’s create a private group. This is a group where only people who are invited in will have access to, this can be as many people as you want, and you will be able to video/audio/text chat and watch content all at once!

To start, press the button to create a private group and name your group something fun!

Once you name the group, you will be able to add friends into your group. The more the merrier!

Start Scene

Once you add friends in, press the yellow watch together button to sync all of your screens.

Golden Remote to Control Scene

The first person to click the watch together button will get the golden remote.

The person with the golden remote gets to control what everyone in the group will watch. At the same time, everyone else will be on their Netflix home screen until the person with the remote chooses something.

Change Group Name or Leave Group

At any point, if you want to change the group name or leave the group, click the three drop-down dots and you can decide from there.

Add More People Into Group

If you want to add more people into your group after the initial group creation, you can press the ‘add people’ icon (as shown in the image below) to search for more people to add! Remember, in order to add people, the person adding them must be friends with the user they want to add. However, since you can search for any user on Scener through the add to group function, you can send a friend request to a user from here before adding them in.

Allowing Permissions for Audio/Video

Once all members click ‘watch together,’ you will all get the options to turn on your microphone and camera (do this to see each other!). Make sure to allow permissions for your camera and microphone. In case you click deny, click the lock button in the URL bar and change the settings to allow next to camera and microphone (see image)

Once all your video/audio permissions are accepted, you can video call with your friends!

Group Members

If you want to see all your friends in the group or add new members, click on the watching tab next to the chat tab.

Pass the Remote

If you are in a Scene with your friends and want to pass the remote so someone else can have control, hover over the user who you want to give the remote to, and then click the remote icon under their icon. In case they are too loud, you can also mute their audio from here by clicking the volume icon on their face.

Turn On/Off Audio and Video

To turn on your camera and audio, click the edge of the sidebar to view the drop-down icons. The icons allow you to turn video and audio on/off, change audio/video sources, change the volume of your friends in the group, and resize your friends’ video. The video and audio are on when the icons are golden in color, however, if they are grey, the video and audio are off.

Change Audio/Video Sources

Next, if you click on the Settings gear, you can change what source you want for your camera and microphone.

Next, you will see the Scener logo. Clicking this is how you minimize your sidebar when you’re watching so you can maximize your Netflix content. The little tab will disappear as you watch content and if you hover over the edge of your browser, or move your mouse, it’ll show up again.

Volume of Friends

Below the minimize/maximize tab, you have a volume icon that allows you to control the volume of the other users in your scene (in case your friends are too loud or they’re breathing obnoxiously and you can’t hear the show).

This allows you to control the users’ volume without having to mute them completely (if you do, hover over their icon to do so).

Resize Friends’ Icons

Next, we have the icon resize button. Are your friends too small in the corner of the screen? Do you want to see every giggle and tease them a little when they’re really scared while you’re watching a Scene together? Highly recommend, it’s adorable.

By dragging the sliding scale, you can change the size of how big you want your friends’ icons to be.

Help Summary

Lastly, in the sidebar drop-downs, you have a help button for some quick fixes to errors you might have relating to audio and video.

Now, you’re all ready to have fun with your friends.

Enjoy a picture of your favorite Scener interns having a blast at work.

End Scene

To end the Scene, press the end button.

One-on-One Scene

What if you don’t want to have a group Scene and just want a one-on-one Scene?

From that initial home screen of the Scener sidebar, you can click on one of your friends who is online, and click “watch together” for a one-on-one Netflix sesh (do people still say that?).

Now, all of that information on controls in a Scene that were stated above in the Create a Private Group section also holds here. The difference is, with a group, you can have more than two people, whereas if you click on an individual user, the Scene will only between you and them.

Comments, Questions, Concerns

If you have any comments at any point, on the sidebar we have a button where you can tell us what you think, any issues you might encounter, or something you’d like to potentially see implemented.

If you have any other questions or just want to say hi, feel free to contact us at Hope you enjoy Scener as much as we do. 🙂