Scener: Find Your Streaming Soulmate

Discover movies and TV shows to watch with your friends. Meet new people that love the same things you do.

Connect with friends to find new shows and movies to watch together with Scener. Find people nearby to bond over your favorite shows.

Watch with friends in the Bitmoji movie theater. Throw popcorn at your friends and show your reactions by using the full Bitmoji keyboard. Share stickers to Snapchat to invite others to join in on the fun. Add new friends on Snapchat and Instagram to talk about your favorite shows.

Swipe on shows to teach Scener what you want to watch, what shows you loved, or what you don’t care about. Go through tons of Netflix TV shows and movies to discover new content that might just be your next obsession.

Click on any content card to learn more about the show and see who has it on their watchlist. Get matched with people around you to see how “Netflix Compatible” you are. Follow them to see what they add onto their watchlist to see what shows they love.


🎟 Bitmoji Theater 🎟

Watch shows and movies together in the first ever Bitmoji movie theater. Watch and react together like never before. Use the Bitmoji keyboard to interact with others in your own unique and creative way. Throw popcorn at your friends to kickstart the chaotic fun.

💯 Find your Streaming Soulmate 💯

Swipe on your favorites shows to see how your Netflix tastes compare with those around you. Discover movies and shows you have in common with your friends and see how similar your watching habits are.

👬 Friends 👭

Connect with your friends to discover what you should watch together, see each other’s favorite shows, and plan your next streaming hangout session. With Scener, you’ll never be stuck on what to watch.

🎬 Watchlist 🎬

Show what you’ve added to your watchlist and see what your friends have on theirs. Add them on Snapchat or Instagram to let them know what to watch next!

✨ Stickers ✨

Share stickers on Snapchat to show off your Streaming Score with your friends. Or, share a sticker to invite a friend to watch with you in the Bitmoji theater. Watch shows you might not have seen before, recommend shows to others, and get your binge on.

For any questions on how to use the Scener iPhone app or for any issues you encounter while using it, please check out our FAQ.

If you have an Android, learn more here.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at 🙂