Enable Audio/Video Permissions in Chrome

Did you accidentally deny Scener access to audio or video? Is your audio or video not working or showing up? It happens. Try these steps below to allow for audio and video permissions.

Steps to enable/reset your audio/video permissions:

  1. In a new tab, enter chrome://settings/content in the URL bar and click either camera or microphone (depending on what’s not working for you!)
  2. Make sure that Scener (a URL with scener.com in it) is not under the “Block” header, and if it is, press the trashcan icon to delete it from there.
  3. If the Scener site is under “Allow,” but still isn’t working, press the trashcan to delete it. Skip this step if you don’t see the URL in either the Block or Allow dropdowns.
  4. Load the extension by pressing the Scener icon in the Chrome toolbar and start a new private theater or join a group.
  5. Press the “enable video” button on the Scener sidebar and a new screen will pop out asking you if you want to enable permissions for your camera and microphone.
  6. Make sure you press “allow” to ensure that Scener works properly. Once this is done, you’re ready to go! Happy streaming!

If this does not help or if you’re experiencing something else, let us know at support@scener.com.

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