Enable Audio/Video Permissions in Chrome

Did you accidentally deny Scener access to audio or video? Is your audio or video not working or showing up? It happens. Try these steps below to allow for audio and video permissions.

Alternatively, if you are having difficulties enabling your camera or audio, double-check that access is not being blocked by any anti-virus or security software. This is a top priority because changing permissions will not work if it is still being blocked by other software.

Steps to enable/reset your audio/video permissions:

  1. First off, let’s go to your Chrome Site permissions by navigating to chrome://settings/ in your search bar. Alternatively, you can access your setting by expanding the vertical ellipses at the top-right of Chrome.
  2. Next, scroll down until you find the section titled ‘Site Settings’ and click on it. From here we can click the section titled ‘View permissions and data stored across sites.’
  3. This contains all of your permissions and cookies for sites you have visited. Go ahead and scroll down until you find Scener listed. It should look like the following:
  4. Next, there should be a vertical ellipses to the very right as shown above. Clicking this will expand a small menu. We want to click on the one that says ‘Reset permissions’.
  5. All done! The next step is to open Scener by clicking the icon in the Chrome extension toolbar.
  6. There will be a couple of pop-ups asking for permissions along the way, but that shouldn’t stop you. Go ahead and accept those and create the theater of your choice.
  7. Once you have gotten comfortable and created your public or private theater, press the “enable” button on the Scener sidebar and a new screen will pop out asking you if you want to enable permissions for your camera and microphone.
  8. Make sure you press “allow” to ensure that Scener works properly. Once this is done, you’re ready to go! Happy streaming!

If this does not help, or you are experincing more issues, please contact us at support@scener.com.

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