Public or Private Theater?

Users might notice a new and exciting addition to Scener which now includes the option to choose between a private or public theater! This change allows for you to choose between the original private theater with the addition of an option to host a live theater!

Here is some more information on the differences between these two features!

Private Theaters:

For a more intimate movie night, the private theater allows for a more exclusive viewing experience with the people of your choice. This invite-only theater allows for up to 10 users in the same theater with camera and microphone access for everyone! This is great for watching something with a spouse, close friends, or even family!

Public Theaters:

Our latest addition to Scener adds the ability to host a watch party with others! Hosting a public theater allows for the host to invite up to 10 other co-hosts to share the stream. The main difference between this and the private theater is the addition of the audience. Our public theaters allow for an unlimited amount of guests to join the watch party! While only the host and co-hosts can have camera and audio access, everyone has access to the text chat!

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