FAQ: Scener iPhone App

Scener sends you into the future with the first ever Bitmoji Movie Theater! Watch incredible movie scenes and show clips with friends and strangers alike. Interact with others in your own unique and creative way by using the full Bitmoji keyboard or throw popcorn at your friends to watch the chaos unfold.

What is the Scener app?
Scener is a new way to watch movie scenes and show clips with your friends in a Bitmoji Movie Theater. Interact with others using your Bitmoji keyboard and throw popcorn at each other.

Why do you need my Snapchat? Can I use Scener without it?
Scener requires you to connect with Snapchat. Scener is for sharing with friends, whether you have a group you want to share Scener with or if you want to meet new people on the app. Once you install the Scener app, you will be prompted to log in with Snapchat. We found that this was easier than creating an account with more credentials that you might not remember in the future.

Interact with others in the Scener Bitmoji theater by using your own Bitmoji and find others who like watching the same things as you. If you add your Snapchat username to your profile, you can add others both in Scener and in Snapchat to keep the conversation going.

I can't log in with Snapchat!
First, force quit both the Scener and Snapchat apps. Next, reopen Scener and log in with Snapchat. This will then redirect you to a permissions page on Snapchat that will allow you to use Scener with Snapchat. When you log in with Snap, be sure that you are accepting Scener to use your Snapchat account and your Bitmoji. Once you do this, you will be able to use Scener seamlessly.

If you are unable to connect your Snapchat profile to your Scener account, please let us know at hello@scener.com.

My app keeps crashing!! Help!
Oh no!! We’re so sorry that you’re experiencing issues while using Scener. First, please try force quitting the app. If this doesn’t fix the issue, check that your iOS settings are up to date and there are no updates waiting to be installed. Sometimes apps have bugs in them once you reach a certain screen and it leads to the app crash. Please let us know if the app keeps crashing on you and we will be sure to solve the problem ASAP.

Wait, is there a Scener Google Chrome extension AND a Scener app?
Yes! Scener has both a Google Chrome extension available on the Chrome WebStore and an iPhone app available on the App Store. The Scener extension allows you to watch Netflix together with friends, anywhere, anytime. The Scener iPhone app connects you with your friends, whether they be near or far, so you can watch together. With the app, discover new movies and shows to watch and meet new people around you that love the same content as you.

I have a different question that's not listed above.
Great! Please send us an email at hello@scener.com. and we will be more than happy to go over any problems you might be experiencing.
Will the solutions work? We sure hope they do!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know at hello@scener.com 🙂

:: Download Scener in the App Store to get started.