Quarantine and Chill

Social Distancing doesn’t mean that movie night is cancelled.

Scener lets you watch Netflix with anyone, anywhere. With video, audio, and text chat capabilities, you can throw a Netflix party your way – all while staying at home.

Stuck at home? Miss your friends? We get it. Social distancing is important to slow the spread of COVID-19, but it sucks being stuck at home with nothing to do. But, there’s a solution: Have a virtual watch party with your friends! Stream movies and shows with friends and use Scener’s built-in video chat while doing so. The best way to keep movie nights going while we are self-isolating!

Having a Netflix party has never been easier. Install the free Scener Chrome extension to sync movies and shows with friends and family. Stream from anywhere at any time.


1. Download the extension on the Chrome Web Store.

2. Go to Netflix and create a Scener account on the sidebar.

3. Add your friends by their usernames and create a group.

4. Click on a show and start watching!

Binge movies with your friends. Watch together – anywhere, anytime.

Please note that to use Scener, all users must have their own Netflix account and Scener credentials. If you have any questions, let us know at support@scener.com.